Betting Controversies

The market of online casino has erupted like anything. This has led to people across the globe participating on these games without even thinking to read the terms and conditions properly before participating. Though sometimes scams are also there which clearly state that user is completely right and by wrong means the casino site has made some blunders. So both cases are considered in the controversies, one with users misinterpreting and the other is scams.

Recently I came across several blunders which are related to the no deposit online casinos. Seeing the trend the stats can be generalized. 90% of the complaints are of scams and they have found the professional sites guilty while on the other hand 10% cases include when players have misunderstood the offerings.

Simply taking the case of “No Deposit Online Casino”,the offer is as simple as it looks and it is sometimes advertised as “You can have this money as long as you try our casino games, if you lose the money don’t worry as it’s a gift from us to you”. On the contrary the traditional variation of casino markets its products as “Here’s a $100 chip for staying at our hotel”. Both these are clearly stated and there is no room for error. If still there is a complaint then it is laid on the customer side. Start betting because we have same rules for all players.

The no deposit casino bonuses have 3 different versions:

  1. They come in random order offering free spins- This can be explained with an example that suppose 100 free spins are offered on the slot machine game.
  2. Offering free money- This is the most easiest to understand. Suppose $10 is given to play the casino games then it falls into the 2nd category.
  3. Free money having a time constraint:This is explained like if $500 is given only for 1 hour to play.

Now like I mentioned above also misunderstanding creeps in when player without looking into these conditions signs up and expect his own settings to the game. The terms and conditions also state a certain winning amount. The most common is $200.

The other term which one needs to understand is depositing and then claiming your winnings condition.In simple words if one wins $200 then he or she has to deposit an initial amount before claiming that $200. The main reason why it is implemented is because the dealers want to deprive the professionals to take advantage of these bonuses.

The next term one needs to refer is playing through requirements. This option tells the requirements, how much one needs to bet before the bonus has been cleared. Finally, the main point we can conclude to is that one must read the terms and conditions as they have been only mentioned in the website to avoid problems and to sweep out at misunderstandings. This makes both the customer and the dealer sustain in a healthy environment.

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